Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block .875″ (Modified)

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These .875″ adjustable gas blocks are suitable for the standard mid-weight Tromix 458 SOCOM barrels.  They will NOT work with the Tromix LIGHT-WEIGHT barrels which have .750″ gas block journals.

Straight gas tubes are also required with this gas block in order maintain alignment with the bolt carrier’s gas key.  Gas tubes are not included with the gas block, but can be added as an option.

These gas blocks are adjusted from the front, using a six inch long 3/32″ hex key wrench supplied with the gas block.  Due to the 458 SOCOM producing nearly double the gas volume of the 5.56, these gas blocks function best in gas “Restrictor” mode rather than gas “Bypass” mode.  Great for fine tuning your bolt speed especially when running full power 458 SOCOM ammo, suppressed.  These gas blocks have been modified to fit underneath the Midwest Industries CRM 1.3″ ID hand guards used on Tromix uppers.

In the event you are using a 12″ barrel with a 12.5″ hand guard, you will need the optional extended length (9″) 3/32″ hex key for adjustment.