Lancer Magazine – 11 Round


Out of stock


Unfortunately, we have been forced to limit the purchase of these magazines to FOUR per customer.  Since we are not price gouging, we now have guys wanting to buy our entire lot of magazines, so they can turn around and price gouge themselves.


These AR-15 Lancer 5.56 magazines have been re-machined by Tromix to allow even the most flat/blunt nosed .375/.458 bullets to feed properly.

Fully functional with 30 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammunition as well as 11 rounds of 458/375 SOCOM ammunition.

These magazines do not function properly with 450 Bushmaster ammo at full capacity.

*These magazines do not come with Tromix center feed followers or base plates.
**No shipments of 11/30 round magazines to restricted locations.

These magazines are only for use in rifles that accept AR-15 magazines.