Economy 458 SOCOM .750″ Adjustable Gas Block


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These are carbon steel .750″ ID gas blocks which are secured to the barrel by two set screws coming up from the bottom.  Parkerized finish.

Adjustment is made via a .050″/1.25mm hex key from the front face of the gas block.  It is a simple set-screw design (no clicks) that cuts through the middle of the gas port passageway in the block.  The screw is secured with a locking set screw that goes through the side of the gas block.  The hex key supplied with the gas block is 2.75″ long.  Depending on your hand guard configuration, the side locking screw may end up blocked by the hand guard and require a hole to be drilled for access.  See pics for dimensions of pistol, carbine, and mid-length screw positions.