Builders Special .375 SOCOM


Gas Block


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As of January 2024, allow 5-10 days for this item to be built and shipped.

Includes 6061 M4 style upper receiver, barrel, gas block, gas tube, and complete head-spaced bolt.  Optional heavy duty Tromix 7075 billet receiver also available.

Does not include hand guard, bolt carrier, charging handle, or muzzle device.

Barrel is installed and feed ramp is extended, blended and polished.  Barrel muzzle is threaded 5/8-24.

All .375 SOCOM barrel are stainless steel – available in 17″ or 21″ lengths with mid-length gas systems.

Installed barrel nut is a throw-away unit simply used to hold the assembly together.  Nut may be Blemished.

Allow 5-10 days to ship.