Blem – 10.5″ .458 SOCOM 1:10 Fast Twist Stainless – Blem

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Bolt Finish


This barrel is new but has a double strike dimple opposite the gas port hole.  The gas port itself is in the correct location and of correct size.  Sold with complete bolt head.


.458 SOCOM – 1:10 Fast Twist barrel, only available in 416 Stainless – Pistol length gas system. Bolt includes the extractor, ejector, and gas rings. Standard right hand ejecting.Muzzle threaded 5/8-24.

.875″ Gas Block Journal.

Recommended for shooting 500+ grain bullets, subsonic, suppressed. Only available in 8″ and 10.5″ lengths.

12″ barrel and longer should use 1:14 twist for both subs and supers.

Note: NiB bolts have black extractors and ejectors installed.