450 Bushmaster Reliability Kit

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Bolt Finish


Did you buy an economy priced 450 Bushmaster upper, and found it doesn’t work?

Here’s what you need to salvage that mess.

AR-15 kit includes the following:

1ea 4-Round Lancer Magazine with Tromix Center Feed Follower Installed.

1ea Tromix 450 Bushmaster right hand bolt with 450BM ejector, 450BM extractor, and gas rings installed.

1ea Buffer Spring

1ea Buffer

NiB coated bolts have black extractors and ejectors installed.

Note #1:  Oil the inside of your buffer tube prior to installing spring and buffer.

Note #2: Your upper receiver’s ejection port should be raised not only at the front of the port, but all the way back to the rear.

If the port is only raised at the front half of the port, you may still experience random failures to eject.