.375 SOCOM Mid Weight Barrel & Bolt Combo



Barrel Finish

Bolt Finish

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Ready-to-install stainless steel 375 SOCOM barrel and bolt combo.

Note: NiB bolts have black extractors and ejectors installed.

Mid-weight barrel profile is .900″ under the hand guards, .875″ at the gas block, and .800″ at the muzzle. Threaded 5/8-24 with a 1:12 twist. 16″ and 18″ barrels use a mid-length gas system and requires a .875″ gas block.  10.5″ barrels are available in both pistol length gas systems for subsonic use, and carbine length gas systems for full power super sonic use.  .875″ gas block.

18″ barrel weight – 2.52 lbs

16″ barrel weight – 2.23 lbs

10.5″ barrel weight – 1.45 lbs