.375 SOCOM Complete Assembled Upper – Right Hand



Ejection Port Cover

Upgrade Handguard (Optional)

Gas Block

Upgrade Muzzle Devise (Optional)

Blacken Stainless Barrel


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As of May of 2022, allow 5-10 days for this item to be built and shipped.

Comes standard with Stainless barrel, flash hider, picatinny rail gas block (midweight only), bolt/carrier and charging handle. Ready to fire on your lower. This unit comes standard with a Flash Hider but you may choose to Install a Muzzle Brake or Radial Comp instead of the standard Flash Hider if you choose.

Available in 18″, 16″ and 10.5″ barrel lengths.  Lightweight barrels use a .750″ gas block, mid-weight barrels use .875″.

The 10.5″ barrels are available in multiple configurations. For Sub-Sonic use, the barrels have pistol length gas systems. For Super Sonic use with full power loads, the barrels have carbine length gas systems.

Uppers usually ship 5-10 days after the order is received.