.375 SOCOM 10.5″ Subsonic Barrel & Bolt Combo



Barrel Finish

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The 10.5″ barrels are available in multiple configurations. For Sub-Sonic use, the barrels have pistol length gas systems. For Super Sonic use with full power loads, the barrels have carbine length gas systems. Stainless steel barrel, Pistol length gas system, .875 gas block journal, 1:10 twist, threaded 5/8-24. Pistol length gas system.

The subsonic 10.5″ barrels are available with a .101 or .116 gas port.

These barrels are setup to run subsonic bullets using fast burning powders such as 700X, Trail Boss, N32C Tin Star, etc. Use .101 gas port for shooting with suppressor installed, or .116 port for shooting with or without suppressor. Recommended load – 10.0gr IMR 700X, 325gr Maker Expander bullet, CCI 350 primer. 1050fps.

The supersonic 10.5″ barrels use a .070″ gas port and carbine length gas system. For shooting full power loads.

Bolt includes extractor, ejector, and gas rings.

Note: NiB bolts have black extractors and ejectors installed.

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10.5" Sub-Sonic Suppressed .101" gas port, 10.5" Sub-Sonic Unsuppressed .116" gas port, 10.5" Super Sonic Full Power .067" gas port