358 SOCOM Barrel & Bolt Combo


Bolt Finish

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18″ 4150 chromoly 358 SOCOM Barrel and Bolt set. 1:14 Twist, .875″ Gas Block, Mid-Length Gas System, muzzle threaded 5/8-24.  Externally coated with 2400 Series Bake-On KG GunKote.

Head spaced and ready for installation on your big bore upper receiver.  Bolt head includes gas rings, extractor, and ejector.  No bolt Carrier.

Note: NiB bolts have black extractors and ejectors installed.

The .358 SOCOM, is formed by simply running a .375 SOCOM case through your .358 SOCOM full length size die.

.375 SOCOM brass is available directly from SBRAmmunition.com

.358 SOCOM Reloading dies are available directly from CH4D.com

Commercially loaded ammunition is not currently available for the 358 SOCOM.