11 Round 458 SOCOM Magazine – HexMag (modified)


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458 SOCOM 11 round magazine, made by HexMag, remachined by Tromix to allow feeding of blunt nose bullets.  These mags work great for feeding both 458 and 375 SOCOM cartridges, however they will not work for 450 Bushmaster.  These magazine feed nicely, provided the remainder of your upper’s parts are in working condition.  However, this magazine will not fix feeding issues attributable to an incorrectly machined bolt…..which is extremely common in the 458 SOCOM.  In the event your upper still experiences feeding issues after using this magazine, you will most likely need to replace your bolt with a genuine Tromix 458 SOCOM bolt.

These magazines have a tendency to swell a bit when fully loaded and may not “drop-free” when full.

Note: We no longer carry Lancer magazines since they have inadvertently made a change to their feed lip design which prevents them from correctly feeding the SOCOM cartridges.

Lancer magazines date coded 2020 or earlier can still be used.